Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sittin' at Love Field

Man, it is so quick and easy to check in at Love Field and Houston Hobby. I think I just want to fly Southwest Airlines from now on. No lines, no hassles.

Said bye-bye to the Clyde/Abilene kids, grandkids and friends last night and Karen drove me to Weatherford to meet Sarah, who drove me back to Dallas. Elle was already in bed when I got there. When she got up this morning, I heard Sarah say, "Guess who's here?" When she told Elle, "Gigi," Elle started saying, "No Gigi, no Gigi, no Gigi!" Sounds like I have joined the list of things that Elle does not like: jackets, sunglasses, bath, school (Mother's Day Out, which she used to love!) and now Gigi! Funny what an almost two year old decides to get stubborn about. Of course, she got over it very quickly and we were buddies. She did go to "school" for part of the day so Sarah and I treated ourselves to pedicures and ran a few errands. The nail lady asked me if I wanted my eyebrows waxed. You could tell from her expression and the tone of her voice that she was sure I needed it. Now this is something I do once in a blue moon and usually don't care or worry about how my eyebrows look! But I said, "I guess so; I probably need it, huh?" and without hesitation, she said "YES." haha

We met Miles for lunch and then picked Elle up from school. It was a sunny and fairly warm day so we went to the park for awhile and she ran and played with great enthusiasm. Some 6-7 year old girls were doing cartwheels on a little hill and came over to talk with Sarah and Elle, who was happily running up and down. I thought it was so sweet of them and they were probably telling Sarah how cute Elle was or asking her age or something. But no, Sarah said they asked her to please move because Elle was in their way. WHAT?! How rude is that?!

Then we had to have a snack so went to a gelato shop that we like and I had my favorite caramel sea salt flavor, which Elle shared with me. Back home for dinner, packed up and off to the airport. Loved, loved, loved having time with my other girls, guys and amazing grandchildren over the past few days. They are all just the best. :)

I didn't finish this before we were called to board so now I am sitting at my friends Becky and Sean's house and about to go to bed. Thanks to Sean, who has become my private chaffeur since I have been staying with them--he picked me up from the airport tonight. I'll be meeting Bonnie and David at the clinic at 9:30 AM. Please continue to send up love, prayers and positive thoughts for Emery's next chemo treatment to be smooth and easy for her and her parents. It sounds like they all had a good day again today and I know they are enjoying the freedom of being out of the hospital and in the company of friends. See Bonnie's blog for more.


Tommie said...

Hi there-you of course, don't know me but I heard of Emery through an email on Tuesday. Just wanted you to know that after calling AHS to check info I placed a prayer request to all of our campuses for Wayland Baptist University faculty and staff. That covers Albuguerque NM, Altus OK, Amarillo TX, Anchorage Ak, Clovis NM, Fairbanks AK, Aiea HI, Kenya AF, Lubbock TX, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio TX, Sierra Vista AZ, Wichita Falls TX, and our home campus Plainview TX. So little Emery has many people all over the world praying for her and for Bonnie and David!
Our main prayer is for healing but also for rest, comfort, peace and blessings on this precious family.
Please keep us updated on Emery and what we can do to help.
Tommie Quebe
Wayland Baptist University

Gigi said...

Dear Tommie,

Thank you so very much from all of us. This is simply overwhelming and we are so grateful for all of the wonderful people, known and unknown to us, who are lifting our sweet baby and her parents up. Please let your contacts in all of these places know that we are sending them our heartfelt thanks. Bonnie, David and Emery are doing well and ask only for your prayers at this time. I am trying to update regularly here and Bonnie has also begun to update their family blog at www.daveandbonniewilliams.blogspot.com if you would like to check there and pass that address along. Thanks again, Jane