Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

It's dreary outside; we've been having lots of rain and wind for the past several days, difficulties with planes getting in and generally unpleasant weather. I kinda like a good rainstorm as long as I don't have to get out in it but am not a big fan of hard rain blowing right into my face. Ajax is dejected since he loves to go outside. Actually, he does not usually let the weather get him down and will venture out at times when we think he is a little bit koo-koo. He went out when Rich left for work this morning but came back in soon after and has been moping on the chair ever since.

So I started working on elevating my health and wellness yesterday by having some good ole oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and Rich's homemade bean/veg soup for dinner. I really feel much better when I eat healthy and definitely need to drop a few pounds. Now if we can just get ourselves back to the gym.

As you know, I started taking piano lessons a few months ago. Between my own and my teacher's schedules, I think I missed more lessons than I actually attended. Then she was out for several weeks. Then we went on vacation. I almost feel like I will be starting from scratch when we get back together this Thursday. My biggest issue is that I will not make myself practice! I had to go to the community center to practice and scheduling was always a problem. My friend Karen in Abilene plays piano and I was giving her all my excuses when she jumped right in to say she had a roll up keyboard that I could use! We packed it in our suitcase and brought it home with us. So no more whining! I finally got it out yesterday--here's the proof! And, yes, I actually practiced for about 30 minutes before going to work. I took a few photos of one of my hands on the keyboard but, oh my gosh, I couldn't post any of them. Okay, I did not realize how horrible my knuckles look. I swear, they are getting that old person crooked, bent appearance. I was shocked. So, no, you do not get to see them.

I added the flag counter and live feed to my blog the other day and it's been fun to see people checking in, even if you are not leaving comments! Glad you are stopping by and hope you will say hello sometime.

How's everyone's 2010 going so far?

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Bubbe said...

Cool- a roll up keyboard! I'm sure you'll get right back to it. That's a great picture of Ajax- he really does look dejected! It's cold and yucky here, too. We're supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow, and I can hardly stand it. :)